weightlifting workshop


Olympic Weightlifting has never been more popular, from those looking to lose weight & tone up right through to those that wish to compete, it really is ideal for everyone. More and more men & women are embracing the world of resistance based training instead of the traditional ‘cardio’ that once was thought to be the answer and are seeing unbelievable results from it.


Don’t miss out on what could be lacking from your regular gym routine, read on below and then follow the link to book your space before it is too late.


Our weightlifting workshop is a 4 week course focusing on the Olympic Lifts and accessory exercises. Designed for the complete novice to intermediate lifters, this is perfect for both men & women. If you want to progress with your weightlifting, if you are stuck in a rut with your current gym routine, if you finally want to lose weight & tone up or you are doing Crossfit but feel your ‘lifts’ are in need of some work, then this is for you. All sessions are coached by a British Weightlifting qualified instructor. Numbers are restricted so we can give each person the individual attention they need and spaces are on a first come first served basis. Running from Thursday 16th May through Thursday 6th June, sessions will be held 8-9pm at our gym in Littlehampton. £45 per person for the entire course, you will be given the skills you need so you can put into practice what you have learned from each session plus you’ll have a load of fun too.


To register and book your space please click the button below and we look forward to welcoming you at our gym on the 16th May.