Turn Up And Put In The Work

Do you wear make up in the gym?

I’m joking. This is such a non-question. However, it gets asked as do many other completely irrelevant questions about what women should and shouldn't do in the gym. So, I thought i’d set a few things straight.


Sweat. Some people sweat a lot, some people sweat less. If you sweat loads, that’s alright; it's what towels are for. People will probably be secretly impressed.

Wear make up. You can wear as much or as little makeup as you want. If you like to wear your lipstick and eyeliner in the gym, then do it! If you can't be bothered to remove it after work and before your workout, then don't. If you've rolled out of bed and into the gym, who cares about foundation? All that matters is that you’re there working hard for you!

Wear designer workout gear or old tracksuit bottoms and beaten up trainers. If you’re ready to lift, we’re ready to coach.

Shave your legs, armpits, whatever. The hirsuteness of your body is of no interest. You wear your body hair however you like and focus on your lifting.

Grunt & swear or don’t grunt and swear. I don’t really care. A primal scream in the squat rack isn't that unusual and noises can help with those really challenging reps. Nobody will mind. Just be yourself.

What Do’s and Don’ts have you heard that made you laugh? Do you feel pressured about things like this? Let me know in the comments below. And if you'd like to train in an environment where nobody is going to define you and tell you how you're not getting it right in the gym, drop us a line.

Tim Arnold