Personal Training For Less Than £2.50 Per Day

The Secret Trick That Could Help You Get in Shape Fast!

What is it? Some new diet pill, a super-speed fat loss supplement, or the latest training technique to ramp up fat loss?

No, no and no.


The secret trick that could help you get in shape faster than ever before is, a personal fitness & nutrition coach!

Coaching, or more importantly, accountability to a coach, is perhaps the biggest factor people embarking on a fat loss, or body transformation project miss out on. A good coach gives you someone to report to, knows when to give you a forceful push in the right direction, and when to provide support and encouragement.

In this blog we’ll tackle the 5 main (perfectly valid) reasons why you may be reluctant to look in to the wonderful world of personal and online coaching.

1. I Don’t Have Time

Keeping in touch with your coach could take, depending on what type of programme you are following, no more than 15 to 20 minutes per week, if that, as you’ll probably send them an email once a week or so. Plus, with their knowledge and experience, they’ll actually save you time elsewhere, be that with cooking tips, or making your workouts shorter, but more effective.

2. I Can’t Afford It

This is a tricky one potentially. Firstly, is there some way you could cut back elsewhere? Going out partying at the weekends, your daily Costa latte fix – that kind of thing? Secondly, just like the time issue, with fitness & nutrition hacks and tricks, a good coach will save you money at the supermarket, and probably get rid of some of those unnecessary, expensive supplements you might be taking at the moment.


3. It Won’t Work for Me

You get out what you put in. A coach can’t simply “make” you reach your goals (much like the millions of people who have a gym membership, but aren’t in shape because they don’t take advantage of it.) By investing in coaching however, you now have more impetus to succeed, as there’s more on the line, and that accountability means you don’t want to let someone down.

4. I Don’t Believe You!

That’s fine, we always advise everyone to go and do their own testing and research on anything – be it diet, training and coaching. Ask for testimonials from their past and previous clients, and give them a good grilling before you start to make sure you think the relationship will be a productive one.


5. Only Newbies Need Coaches

Wrong. These days, even coaches have coaches. 3x Fittest On Earth, Matt Fraser employs various people to help him with his training. Olympic level athletes also employ personal coaches to help them. Not only that, I also have my own coach who programmes my training for me and makes sure I am on track to hit my targets.

If it’s good enough for all of them and me!…

 Do you NEED a coach? No – absolutely not, but could a coach provide you with support, knowledge and experience to make things easier, and help you correct current mistakes you may be making? There’s only one way to find out. Contact us now to find out about all our online and personal training packages.