'Toned' Abs - Crunches Aren't The Answer


Time and again I hear from clients and those wanting a little bit of help with their training that they’ve been doing x amount of sit ups or crunches every day but still don’t have a six pack.

“Tim, I really want a six pack for the summer so I look good at the beach…” “What ab routine should I be doing?” Or “Tim, how many sit ups do you do to get a six pack?”

My answer to the second questions is, none. I don’t do “sit ups”. Always gets a great reaction that one.

My answer to the first question, will usually start with a question to the client, “what did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?”

A six pack isn’t created in the gym, the hard work has to be done outside of the gym first. If you continue to fuel your body with the same old rubbish then that layer of fat that sits on top of your Rectus Abdominis (your “six Pack”) ain’t going nowhere. Which means your “six pack” will forever be hidden.


But, I’ll cover the nutrition/what you need to be doing outside of the gym in another post. So, for now, what exercises should you do to strengthen your core? That will also help to shape your “six pack”?



Standing overhead press

Pull ups

Bench press

You get the idea right?…

Master these lifts/exercises first and you’ll never need to do a sit up again! Maybe… Don’t know how to do them? Or what they are? Get in touch and we will show you.

Tim Arnold