Eat More Protein, Lose More 'Weight'

Something I get asked a lot! at least once a week is either ‘How much protein do you take?’ or ‘What protein do you use?’ And if you’ve never used protein powder before it can seem a bit scary and confusing at first, the choices available are huge! From the ridiculously cheap right through to the bankruptcy causing expensive. But it really doesn’t need to be a difficult thing. So I thought I would dig about and try to find something that would be a quick guide, explaining why getting some extra protein in your diet can help enhance your training and speed up that ‘Lose Weight, Tone Up’ target.


A bit about protein

Protein is essential for the body, forming one of the three macronutrients (alongside fats and carbohydrates), and contributes to your daily calorie needs. These three macronutrients all play a vital role in helping us stay healthy, strong and lean. Much of your protein intake will come from your food and some good examples of these include, fish, eggs, chicken and beef. For those of you that are vegetarian etc, some good alternatives for protein can be found in tofu and Quorn.

Protein is a key ‘macro’ and plays an important role in rebuilding and repairing muscle in your body. Both on days that you are training and also on your rest days.

Protein is also essential for:

  • Maintaining structure and strength of cells

  • Regulating metabolism

  • Hormone production

  • Growth and repair of muscle tissue

  • Strengthening your immune system

  • Helps to keep you feeling full after meals

So why should you use protein powder?


Eating real food should always be your first choice. So when it comes to protein powder it should only be used alongside a good diet and not as a food/meal replacement.

Whey protein in powder or ready made form along with it’s vegetarian/vegan alternatives is a great post-workout and/or snack addition to your diet as it can help enhance performance and recovery when your body needs it the most. It’s a great way to give yourself an extra protein boost straight after a training session. It will also help to keep you feeling fuller for longer so you stay away from all the snack temptations.

If you are interested in finding out how supplementing with protein may be beneficial to you in your training and recovery, or you just need a little bit of guidance with your nutrition/training then contact me now to book a complimentary consultation and find out just how good your own results can be.

Coach Tim

Tim Arnold